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Jan 27 2013, 11:24 AM
I love Britt! I hope her end doesn't come when this thing with Patrick and Sabrina is over. I could definitely see Britt lasting on GH. And she's a doctor! She has a place on the show. Kelly Thiebaud has been a great addition to the cast, and really brings what could've been a nothing character to life. And watching Friday's episode, I realized Thiebaud and Nadia Bjorlin could easily play sisters. They look so similar!

Little Brooklyn Rae Silzer is such a great little actress. Could she end up like her on-screen mama and grown up on the show? I wouldn't mind watching her grow up naturally. She's wonderful.

Has this "missing Quartermaine heir" angle been a part of the show before Friday? I don't recall anything being hinted at prior. At least nothing Carly would know. There was that scene with Heather bragging about knowing something the Quartermaines don't know. How would Carly know about it though? Any guesses as to who it is? I'm going to go with Felix turning out to be a Ward.

I was LOL when Connie told TJ to come back in a few years when he asked if there was anything he could do to get Molly's book back. She doesn't do jail bait! LMAO!
Kelly Thiebaud use on gh prove that days can not use the actors on show on days she was fake rafe one night stand

Franco told carly that he had daughter

since franco is Quartermaine but was not raise because Heather stole him birth gave someone else to raise him she know about his life and if he have chlidren and who are them
we should pay more attention to Ellie britt and sabrina they might turn to Quartermaine
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