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camera shy
Jan 28 2013, 08:55 AM
Jan 28 2013, 08:49 AM
EJAMI is happening way to quickly for my liking something fishy is going to go down and I see SAFE having hate sex and Sami getting pregnant this time with Rafe's baby. I definitely see Rafe and Sami having a baby and Sami is going to end up cheating on EJ. SAFE will have angry sex
Yeah, I think that's why they have them keeping it a secret to make it a lot easier for her to sleep with Rafe too. And if that happens we know without a doubt we'll be heading towards a WTD story. Ugh, and to make that happen she'll have to sleep with Rafe soon afterwards......I bet it'll be before sweeps is over.
Exactly just think about it for a second how Sami and Rafe are so angry with each other some people are going to end up disappointed that's why when I like a couple I don't want to get too excited. Plus I think someone else will see SAFE sleeping together and I think that someone is going to be EJ. EJ will see Sami and Rafe making love i mean having angry sex, and hearing Sami saying I love you Rafe. EJ will probably be coming from an engagement shop planning on proposing to Sami and telling her how much he loves her and then BAM! he sees SAFE having hot angry sex and that's when EJ's true colours will come about revenge he might actually force Sami to marry him espcially once he finds out that she is pregnant and then force her and tell her that she will marry him and he will raise Rafe's baby as a Dimera, Sami will refuse and say No I have to tell Rafe we are having a baby and then EJ will be like if you don't marry me I will kill Rafe this is my prediction I can totally see this happening and Sami realising how stupid she has for believing EJ has changed and them making sounds you know Sami will be like I hate you Rafe and Rafe will be like I hate you more he will probably bring up EJ lol. That's my prediction
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