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Jan 28 2013, 03:08 PM
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I just found this on youtube (with an obscenely low number of views) and thought it would be very appreciated here. A Patch & Kayla montage set to the FULL version of "If Your Heart Comes Out Tonight"

What's funny is that the entirety of that montage are things that took place before Steve and Kayla's first kiss (which happens in basically the scene after this montage). Nowadays couples don't have enough for a 30 second montage before their first kiss, let along 3 minutes.
The obvious exception being Will and Sonny, which is probably one of the main reasons (other than the fact that they're the show's first gay couple) that they're one of the show's most popular couples now.
Yes, Will and Sonny seem to be getting some old school writing. Although I'm not sure they had to wait as long between first kiss/beginning of actual relationship and having sex for the first time (7 months for S&K fans). But, as the song says, the waiting is the hardest part. And, quite frankly, really the best part too.
Yeah -- it took over a year for Will and Sonny to kiss each other after their initial meeting, but there were "only" fifty-five days between their first kiss and the first time that they made love (add thirty-two days to that if you want to count that kiss that Will pulled away from as their first kiss). However, I have a feeling that if it weren't for the pregnancy storyline, the writers would have prolonged the waiting period for a few additional months.
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