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Jan 28 2013, 04:20 PM
Oh Jennifer. Talking about how she loved Jack "with her whole heart", but it's nice to love someone who isn't as complicated. Boy, do I miss complicated.
Jen-Jen is confusing "shallow" with "uncomplicated." Sadly, given how weak, inept, and unintelligent this incarnation of her has become, I'm not surprised that she can't tell the difference. And if I'd loved someone "with my whole heart," who was taken from me suddenly and too soon, I'd miss everything about him--including how "complicated" he was.

And Dan can do a great Scooby-Doo imitation? Yeah, that's exactly what I'd look for in a romantic partner . . . if I was 12 years old. :rolleyes: I have to wonder if TIIC have any idea just how shallow and vapid Dannifer really are. Because conversations like this latest between Jen-Jen and Hope don't make them sound any more appealing or rootable. While I'm mystified as to why Chloe would want Daniel back, her position is more understandable than Jen's--she had a marriage and a child with Dr. Wipeout. A real history, as opposed to a handful of boring dates and a few contrived medical emergencies.
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