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Jan 26 2013, 12:07 PM
Jan 26 2013, 11:19 AM
I can sort of see why they would make Brian a jerk. He's super hot, and thus far been mature and lovely and someone that on paper would make a much better boyfriend for Sonny. Even Victor noticed how respectable he was. Although, on the other hand, I think it's a bit of a cop out, too. Sonny should want Will because he loves him, not because the competition is a jerk, if that makes sense.

On paper back in the day, Kayla looked nuts for preferring Steve over Jack but Jack didn't turn dark until deep into the story.
Oh Steve and Kayla. Good times. On paper, yes Brian probably would be a catch (not counting the lie he's about to tell), but Sonny is already in love with Will and has been for a while. You love who you love. Even if Brian didn't turn out to be a jerk, Sonny is already past the point of no return in regards to Will. Just like Kayla was with Steve. I'm hoping that whatever happens with Sonny and Brian...that maybe this helps him to realize that Will really is the one that he wants, warts and all. I still don't see how this all is going to play out though. Will and Sonny just kissed, basically showing that Sonny is still conflicted...he still wants Will even though he's angry. But then we know that he is going to go out with Brian and they kiss, but nothing more. I don't even see how he'd be interested in going out with anyone right now but...whatever. I wonder if they are still seeing each other come Valentine's Day, because apparently Will is alone and sad. I'm just wondering what happens in between this kiss and Valentine's Day. I guess Sonny is still not forgiving Will at that point? Or is Will not talking to Sonny because he thinks he has moved on?
I know Brian will try to get Sonny to have sex on first date and gets rejected but Brian lies to Will and says they did.. Wonder if maybe Brian tries again on another date and is successful in getting him into bed. Sonny had ordered a Valentines Gift for Will the morning of the wedding. What if Will gets the gift on Valentines Day and tries to return it to Sonny at his apartment and interrupts Sonny and Brian "doing the deed"? That would be truly devastating for Will.
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