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Jan 28 2013, 08:48 PM
Jan 28 2013, 08:31 PM
Kristen throwing up Nicole's dead babies into her face was awful. Disgusting.
In Kristen's defense, Nicole pretty much did the same thing.
Yep, which is why I didn't feel bad for Nicole. Glass houses, and all that.

Jennifer and Hope :sleep: Definitely the low point of today's episode. Partially because we could have gotten the same effect from Jennifer recording her portion of the conversation she had with Maggie and replaying it for Hope.

I really loved the Danloe scenes. It was surprising that Chloe just laid it all out there for Daniel. Tomsell is very good at not taking the predictable path, so far. I like the level of interaction between the characters, too. I liked Hope and Eric talking about John and Marlena, especially since they both know different parts of the story - Eric knows John is gone and Hope can tell him why Marlena feels partially responsible. Actually, I like the Hope/Eric scenes in general (no, I'm not hoping they hook up).

I'm glad that Brady isn't so blind that he sees Kristen as a victim of everyone and that he realized she antagonized Nicole, because i'd really hate to see him reach Ethan Crane levels of stupidity.

Looking forward to more Kristen/Nicole.
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