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Jan 28 2013, 08:16 PM
Jan 28 2013, 06:48 PM
I wonder if Ciara's first communion is going to be an event of some sort. I'm just surprised it came up again.
I would think that they were mentioning it so much because it is going to lead up to something, but without Bo on screen, it would just be too weird. There's no way Bo would miss his little girl's First Communion, even if he were chasing after Stefano. If Ciara's First Communion is supposed to take place on-screen, Bo is going to either have to be missing & presumed dead at some point prior to that.

Well, they could figure out a way to observe the day as if Bo is around.

For example:

(Hope and Ciara arrive breathlessly at the church vestibule to see Father Eric waiting for them.)
Eric: Where's Bo?
Hope: He's parking the car. He'll be here any minute.
(Caroline, Kayla, and others arrive as excitement ensues.)

(Later, Hope, Ciara, et al arrive at the Brady Pub.)
Gabi or Nick: How was it?
Hope: It was fabulous. Ciara made us so proud. Bo was positively beaming.
Caroline: Speaking of Bo, it was so nice of him to offer to refill my prescription. But he'll be here any minute. Let's get lunch ready, shall we?

For an added bonus, they could have Doug and Julie be a part of it. They'd be the ones to give Hope and Ciara a ride to the pub so Bo could help his mom or something.

Mission accomplished. Well, sort of.

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