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Viewing Single Post From: Spoilers for the Week of February 4th

Jan 26 2013, 07:14 PM
Speculation on Week Of Feb 4th
Will makes a heartbreaking admission to Sonny. Is there any hope for a reunion for those two?

Could be one of Three Things

1) Will tells Sonny about Brian telling Will that he had sex with Sonny. Will Sonny believe him or think he's lying?

2) Will knowing that Nick knows about Will and Lucas' cover up tells Sonny that He (Will) shot EJ not his father

3) Even though Will is upset over Brian & Sonny, he tells Sonny no matter how much it hurts him that if Sonny needs to date Brian or anyone else, he will respect that. Will tells him he hopes that in time, Sonny will realize he can trust Will again & that their love can continue

if my #2 spec comes true, I wonder if Sonny then tells Will what Gabi did with Andrew & to Melanie?
I wonder if the admission is the Will/Gabby ONS that resulted in the baby drama and how that all occurred because of comfort seX in relation to the lie Brian tells Will about Brian's date with Sonny resulting in seX (which Will thinks is comfort seX). Also the reasoning behind Will's decision to not tell Sonny about the baby as soon as he found out (Nick & Gabby manipulating & homophobic attitude).
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