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Sammie Jo
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Jan 28 2013, 07:36 PM
Sammie Jo
Jan 28 2013, 12:40 AM
Jan 27 2013, 02:25 PM
The whole trust thing was messed up really bad. Nick & Victoria should have long ago had their trusts. Total bullshit all the way around. Bad writing all the way around.
why should they have had their trusts a long time ago? It's not up to them to decide when they get the money.
Most people don't get their trusts until the person who set it up for them is dead, or, they get a monthly check while the person is still alive, some trusts are set up to where the recipient gets a monthly check instead of a lump sum, after the person who set it up is dead.
There is no set way to set up a trust, that was Victor's money, he gets to decide when they get it.
He could set it up so that they don't get a dime until they're 80 if he wants.
Nobody I know has to wait until they are 40 to get their trusts. That's why the whole thing is a crock of shit.
and just how many people do you know who are rich enough to have trust funds?
trust funds can be set up anyway the person who's putting the money in wants to set it up.
You can set up a trust fund to give a person $1 a week if you want, it's your money, you get to decide how to dole it out.
look it up.
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