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how about will goes to sonnys apartment to return the v-gift he opens up the door finds sonny passed out on the floor. he tries to bring him around but can't. will spies a bottle of whiskey empty beside him on the floor. will knows sonny don't drink and realizes sonny is in bad shape. sonny was so heart broken on v-day he just started to drink cause he can't handle being without will and thinking about the lies will told him and can't handle it. will call am ambulance sonny is rushed to the hospital. sonny is dx with alcohol posioning and ends up on life support. it is weeks before sonny final start to show a sign of improvement. he hear will visiting him staying 24/7 by his side final will looses it very hight emotional dramatic scene. will cries, hold sonny begs him to fight will scream as loud as he can i can;t go on without you he is emotional spent marlena is there she is holding will as will hold sonny marlena breaks down and is almost as emotional as will. sonny codes his heat stops . marlena yell for will to let sonny go will has chest pain with the stress of thinking sonny is dead. marlena gives sonny a heat thump his heart starts sonnys opens his eyes wide very briefly start right into will eyes and say very weakly i love you..............hey people what ya think. a writer spark your interest. :wave:
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