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I could see cane and Chelsea. have they even met yet? Chelsea will divorce Adam/lily will get with Tyler. Adam will obsess over Charon but this time she won't want him because she will find Dylan.
Cane shared the first scenes with the character of Chelsea in Myanmar.

I'll admit they had chem back then so I'll wait and see how they do this. They are both still married right now so I'm thinking it will take a while. Let's hope they dont jump in the sack too quickly. Let Lily end up with Tyler first.
Oh I think if anyone crosses a line first it will be Cane not Lily. Everything is his fault in Lane stories but of course that was under MAB's writing. I think the writers need to make a way for Tyler to get Lily and this is it. I'm down for some Cane and Chelsea though and unlike Tyler/Lily I think Cane/Chelsea will have chemistry.
Cane wouldn't have chemistry with JLo if she were naked in front of him. He looks like is always advertising for a tooth paste commercial with that phony ass smile of his. He gives me the creeps an he makes me think of a old pervert when he rubs his hands all over Lily. I don't care who Cane is with or what he is doing I FF any scene he is in Ship him and Lily along with Devon, Neil, Leslie and Tyler out of town and never find their way back to GC> Oh yes,, Chloe and Kevin make sure they go with them.
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