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Am I seeing inklings of Brady beginning to think with his brain rather than his cock? Hallelujah! Everything he said to Kristen after Nicole left was music to my ears. Finally cracks are beginning to appear in her woe-is-me act. We know there's going to be a Bristen/Ericole quad, right? It seems like it might be Brady torn between Kristen/Nicole and Nicole torn between Brady/Eric. Well, we don't know yet so I won't get ahead of myself but the Nicole/Kristen scene and the Brady/Kristen scene were both very promising.

Agree with everyone who sees a ton more chemistry between Danloe than Dannifer. Nadia Bjorlin's IMDb page doesn't show her with any other projects in development, so hopefully she can stick around for longer than her original stint. However, if she would prefer to do other things I don't entirely blame her given what this show has done to her in recent times.

Enjoyed Eric/Marlena. Sami is otherwise engaged and, in any case, too self-absorbed to give her the support she needs and Belle is M.I.A. so I'm glad she has Eric to turn to. Eric's friction with Brady over Kristen has been welcome and, as Nicole pointed out, entirely reasonable, since his stepbrother is, after all, banging the woman who tried to kill his mom. Having Eric ignore that would be egregious, so he's behaving exactly as he should. And of course, already strained relations will make it more believable should they ever find themselves battling over Nicole...but, ahem, again...not to get ahead of myself.
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