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Missed the last half of the second hour. The first hour was blah. I really loved everything Sue Ellen and I was sad for her when she lost Governor. I hadn't really even thought of her not winning. I assumed she did for some reason. I loved JR and John Ross standing by her side and JR doing whatever he can to make sure she's in the clear. That was so nice. And then the scene where she nearly drank? I thought they were played and shot great.

Josh Henderson's southern drawl kind of annoys me. I can't always understand the man. It's getting annoying LOL

And I'll say one nice thing about Jesse Metcalfe. He does smug anger fairly well.

I'm loving Pamela Rebecca's attitude but I did LOL as she strutted into Barnes Global and took over. Bitch, where have you been? That scene was just funny because it came off as ridiculous and she looked like an amateur. I really liked her scenes with John Ross and JR though. JR telling Pamela Rebecca he already flushed out 1 Pam was just gold.

I'm really really really going to miss Larry Hagman.


I find it incredibly hilarious that wallflower Elena is practically running the entire show at Ewing Energies while John Ross and Christopher play their stupid games with each other and Pamela Rebecca. I mean, Elena has literally done everything to get them where they are. But man does she put me to sleep!

Also, just don't really care about Ann's daughter. Thought the actress seems interesting, and she is a regular, could fill the 'Lucy' role. I did kinda lol as Emma just plain wanted nothing to do with her and Ann's school-girl hopes were completely dashed. It was a good scene but the music and the everything was just a little over the top for me. And PLEASE tone down Harris's slimey persona. I'm fine with him but they creep him out just a little bit too much.
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