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Larry Hagman showed in last night's epis that he is still indeed the STAR of this show. He stole pretty much every scene he was in. And I love seeing him in scenes with Bobby & Sue Ellen. They are all so natural together. Can't wait til I get more Cliff scenes. He will be sooo sorely missed. I am frightened of what the show will become when his final airdates are over.

Sue Ellen...also all kinds of awesome.

Josh Henderson's acting has actually gone up a notch since last season. Or maybe I continue to be blinded by his hotness. John Ross should be a slimeball. Especially while he is young. Hell, it was implied that even Bobby was kind of a sleaze until he met Pam.

I do, however, think that he and Pamela Rebecca fell into bed a little too quickly. Why not ramp up the sexual tension and milk it a while? Especially where we watched John Ross and Chris swap Elena back and forth all last season. Kind of gross, IMO lol Plus she's pregnant with twins. I dunno..But I did enjoy their dialogue. And I like that PamReb is no dummy this year. and she really does look more like Jenna than she does Afton..I also see a little Pam in her too, which is fitting. I think it's the eyebrows. In any case, I like her a Hell of a lot better this season already even though some of her scenes were unintentionally comical.

I LOVED fiesty, awesome Ann last season. Not liking that they are making her weak now.

I still think Mitch Pileggi as Harris Ryland is all kinds of WIN. And what little I saw of Judith Light, I LOVED...but I agree that the age thing is so full of WTF?!?!?!?! Unless they mention some serious plastic surgery and that she had him at like 13 I don't buy it for a second! lol

Chris and Elena are also still the weakest links for me. Although I like that they are giving Elena some more purpose this year, I'm still not feeling her. Jesse Metcalf is still just horrid. Him and his poopy face when he gets mad. He's so wooden. But...I've already decided to root for the bad guys on this show to Hell with him lol

All in all, I'm excited and looking forward to next week :-)

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