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Hi I am new here. My name is annyhall. Wanted to introduce myself. I am a big Lane fan. I see there is no love for here for Lane here. But I intend to show my love where there is no love. I have been reading a lot of your post many are very funny. I totally agree with a lot of the Adam post and Shadam post too. I like that you can speak about any character good or bad without getting your post deleted. Unlike SOC. I do disagree with the disparaging remarks of the actor's appearance. I always say if youre going to say something negative about someone else's appearance you should first post a picture of yourself and then have at it. Let the rest of us be the judge whether you can disparage another's looks or not. Hope you can tolerate my Lane love and I will try to tolerate the hate. If not I'll just skip the post I dont like. LOL
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