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Jan 29 2013, 02:27 PM
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Jan 29 2013, 01:52 PM
OMG this dialogue between Dannifer is maddening. So dull. Are they 14? -- Oh my phone. Oh I left it. Hahaha yes you did. Why are you here? Giggle - check your phone. Ok let me check my phone. I see a message here....oh....OH OH!! Right so you texted that you were coming over so, right, that is why you were over. Oh hahahahaaha.

My. Head. Explodes.

And this is Jennifer dressed up, this is Jennifer making an effort? Mmmmkay.
LMAO. I feel the same way. I'm obviously still not over my anger of the writing for Jen in the HOURS after Jack's death.

In my mind, Dannifer is nothing more than a MacGuffin for Chloe and Anne's schemes. And as a MacGuffin, Dannifer scenes that do not involve Chloe or Anne are completely pointless.
LOL true. As a MacGuffin, one can indeed pretend they are just interference before getting to the real juicy story. I fear what will happen if or when or whatever the Chloe story isn't there anymore. Can you imagine? Shudder Shudder
Dannifer's dialogue is cringingly inane and vacuous, like the characters themselves. It's kind of amazing how much worse they are the second time around--whoever thought repeating a failure like this couple was a good idea? And TIIC think they're the pairing to root for? :shame:

I think Chloe could do better than Daniel--hell, any woman with two brain cells to rub together could do better than Daniel--but I'm in favor of any wrench she throws into the works where Dannifer is concerned. The sooner they crash and burn, the better. I just wish it could be permanent.
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