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Tracy, AJ/Duke, Duke/Anna, Patrick/Emma, all pretty good. The rest of them ... blah. It was nice to see Mac involved, he's finally feeling relevant again. And it was nice to see Alexis actually together, not looking all messy and breathy and weird. I'm tired of Sonny. He's so depressing to watch. He really is.

Sabrina was tolerable today. She finally grew a backbone. Sort of. I won't give her total credit for a backbone just yet.

Kawny. Ugh. :rolleyes: Ron, please get over her. PLEASE. Just move on. It's not working. You can prop her anyway you want. I go back and forth on Kawny. The writing for her just is not consistent day to day. One day she's a raging, disgusting person and the next day I can tolerate her and even almost like her.
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