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Jan 29 2013, 07:47 PM
Jan 29 2013, 07:38 PM
Jan 29 2013, 08:18 AM
Is it OK if I cling to the hope that the child lives and the mother dies during childbirth?
That's what I've been hoping all along, and I will continue to harbor that hope.

I also hope that Nick will do something to get sent back to prison. Something has to happen so that Will and Sonny will ultimately get sole custody of the child (which, let's be honest, has to be where this is headed, right? It might take a while for the storyline to get to that point, but I just can't see the writers passing up that opportunity).
i don't know every custody battle usually ends up with joint custody unless you count sami and lucas's 5 year battle lol
And most other paternity storylines involve the father being deceived about the baby's paternity. This storyline has already proven that it's not like other storylines.

In any case, this custody battle, unlike other custody battles, involves a gay couple, and again, I just don't see the writers passing up the opportunity to tell the story of a gay couple raising a child together. It's never been done on this show before, it's only been done once before on a daytime soap opera (and was barely told there, since the characters were written off as soon as they gained custody of the child), the couple in question is extremely popular, and the storyline itself would be extremely relevant.

I'm obviously biased, but just looking at it logically, Will and Sonny obtaining sole custody of the child in the end really is the most likely outcome, IMO.
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