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Hee! Nicole and Daniel are fun. I still despise grumpy ol' Victor though. He needs to vary the routine.

Watching Chloe, I feel like somebody went back and watched the old Days and saw how Eve messed with Jennifer's head. Chloe isn't quite as snarky (and it would be awesome if she was) but Jennifer always needed somebody to knock her off the pedestal once in a while. Wide-eyed innocent/manipulative Chloe is so much fun. And I love that she keeps finding a way to tell Daniel things before Jen can. She's damn good.

Winston is looking pretty rough these days. Love the references to history in their conversation.

Kristen/Nicole may be my new favorite couple. Nicole is so much fun when she's pretending to be intimidated and contrite.

Okay, I'm calling foul on Brady's "what the Horton's said when Maggie fell for Victor" crap. The problem was that NOBODY in the whole damn Horton family ever said a thing. They all seemed to think it was fab! Bad writers. No biscuit for you.

Kate and Billie were okay, but I get so distracted by Billie's lips and Kate's hair. Billie's comment about Bo was interesting, but it actually worked in the context of learning to let go.

God, Daniel and Jennifer are beyond boring and blah. Daniel had way more spark with Nicole and even Brady (and definitely Chloe) than he does with Jennifer.

The Anne/Chloe stuff was cute, but it bugs me because Daniel has not control over Jennifer's job. Kayla hired her and if anybody is protecting Jen, it would be Kayla. So that whole line of dialogue was weird.
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