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I thought the second season premiere was amazing! So very soapy.

"Love is for pussies." Loved that line from John Ross!

I am in LOVE with Pamela Rebecca Barnes. In love! She's quickly becoming my favorite soap bitch. And I thought I was going to squeal like a little girl when John Ross and Pamela finally went at it after so many close calls. I would never ever want to see them become an actual couple, but the lust between them is on fire!

Elena is still boring as hell. If it weren't for Brewster playing the part, the role would be a lost cause.

I was pretty surprised to see Judith Light playing Harris' mother. The revelation that Judith and Harris took Emma away from Ann and raised her in secret was amazing. I'm hoping once Emma comes around to Ann and moves into Southfork, she becomes this generation's Lucy. The ranch could use a little vixen stirring trouble.

It's going to be so sad to have to say goodbye to JR. The opening, alone, was heartbreaking.
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