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Jan 29 2013, 11:13 PM
Jan 29 2013, 12:14 AM
Jan 28 2013, 01:47 PM
Taylor needs to STFU! The Logans did not ruin her life--Ridge finally chose Brooke, and she needs to get over it. So tired of listening to her stupid whining about Thomas and Steffy. She needs to get a life!
I know she complains about how Brooke slept with a lot of men. She needs to look in the mirror. She been through two families. Her children arent hurting. It made sense to pick Ric he has the experience among other things. How are her children hurting. Steffy has a line. Hope has a line. Thomas had a line. He also lied to get those shares does Taylor not remember the berry lie. Do both of them forget that Stephaine said that if he told anyone it was void. He told Dayzee so its void he needs to stop whinning like the brat he is. I am so sick of my daddy left my mom for Brooke and im scared for life. He wasnt there for me. Yes he was there for you so get over it.

Plus has Steffy even gone to the doctor. She needs to rely more then on a test. What if its a false positive. Im tired of her clucthing her stomach all the time already.
Agreed! I think Taylor has slept with just about everybody that Brooke has at this point, except for Eric nd Deacon (?). She had a good thing going with Whip--I was sad when Brad broke them up.
Lets list Taylor bed partners. Ridge, Thorne, Rick, Nick, Stephan, Storn, Whip and Hector. I cant wait until she sleeps with Eric, If you remember last time she almost slept with him but he got a phone call from Stephaine that stopped it. She was there in his house ready to go. She had a good thing with Whip and Rick but her love for Ridge got in the way. I would love to see the conversarion between Eric and Throne if they do hook up because she just broke up with Throne. Soon Taylor will have been through two families. But that doesnt get acknowledge because she is saint Taylor even though she is just as bad as Brooke. She had a good thing going with Nick too but she couldnt take it because the baby she discarded was Brooke and Nick. Double Standards
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