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Jan 29 2013, 08:17 PM
Of course, all of that having been said, Gabi dying and Nick being sent back to prison isn't the only way that Will and Sonny could obtain custody of the child. In fact, that implication is actually insulting -- like Will and Sonny are the least-acceptable option because they're gay, so the straight couple has to be removed from the equation so that Will and Sonny are the only option.

That's certainly not what I meant. It would actually be far more satisfying if Gabi and Nick remained in Salem, alive and out of prison, respectively, and were simply deemed unfit to raise a child (as they are, IMO, based on what we've seen -- at the very least, Nick is absolutely unfit to raise a child). Sole custody would be granted to Will and Sonny -- fair and square, as the best option for the child -- and Gabi and Nick would be forced to settle for, at best, supervised visitation rights (I would certainly never leave Nick alone with my child, if I were Will). That's the future that they wanted to impose on Will, and supervised visitation is better than what they wanted to give him, so they'd be lucky to receive that much. Frankly, I don't think that Nick deserves to be allowed to have anything to do with the baby, but I'm trying to be generous here.

I just don't like Gabi and Nick, so that's why death and prison would be preferable for me. The writers could still make it clear that Will and Sonny were the child's best option, and that it had simply been rendered a moot point when Gabi had died and Nick had been carted off to prison.

Anyway, that's enough speculation for one day! :lol:

I don't think Nick and Gabi are unfit, considering everything Sami/Lucas/EJ did and they are still involved with their minor children. (Although for a while I was rooting for Abe and Lexie to gain custody of Sydney and Johnny. You have no idea how hard I was hoping.).

Will did shoot EJ which might be worse than stalking (Nick) or kidnapping (Gabi). But that's real life consideration. But conside ring all the things Sami and Lucas put Will though, I would like to avoid a custody battle. Let's have them sit down and talk like adults. Go to court appointed mediator and figured out the custody like adults and avoid the drama.

I also want to know why Nick's homophobic. Is it because he was raised Catholic (more so than Will or Gabi)? Did he get raped in prison?

Oh who am I kidding? Get ready for a long drawn out custody battle.
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