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Will gets an unexpected gift from Sonny on Valentine’s Day.
Brady opens up about why he won’t marry Kristen.
Eric and Nicole have a disagreement.
Rafe meets a woman at the bar.
Jennifer and Chloe have it out over Daniel.
Nick reassures Gabi that everything will be all right for their family.

Tuesday- Nicole can’t bring herself to tell Eric the truth.
Thursday-Gabi worries that Sonny will cause problems for her.

**UPDATED 1/31**

Monday("Falling in Love")
Daniel and Chloe grow closer due to Parker's medical emergency; Sami tells Marlena about her newfound feelings for EJ.

Tuesday ("Jennifer's Lie")
Jennifer and Daniel get into an emotional argument; Stefano delivers some unsettling words to Kate.

Wednesday ("The Battle for Daniel")
Chloe and Jennifer fight about Daniel; Brady tells Kristen why he cannot marry her.

Thursday ("Valentine's Day")
Kristen gives Chad some advice; Sami is overjoyed when she discovers a ring box on her desk.

Friday ("Protecting Loved Ones")
Will is devastated when he realizes Sonny doesn't want to get back together; Nick reassures Gabi that they will retain custody of the baby.

**UPDATED 2/4**

Next week on Days of our Lives, two people you’d least expect have sex! Also: Sami finds something of EJ’s, Will thinks there may be hope for him and Sonny.

Sneak Peeks: Week of February 11, 2013

In November, TVSource Magazine was the first to report that two people you’d least expect would be hitting the sheets. It looks like we were right!

Kate goes out drinking after she ends up on the receiving end of a judgmental lecture from Stefano. Meanwhile, Rafe also goes out for drinks in an effort to blow up some stream over EJ and Sami. See where this is going? Let me paint the picture for you. Drunk Kate + Drunk Rafe = Drunken Sex!

Sami finds a small box in EJ’s pocket with a ring in it. How will Sami react to her discovery?

Will is thrilled when he gets an unexpected gift from Sonny on Valentine’s Day…that is until he talks to Sonny.

Kristen continues her plan to convince Brady to marry her. Brady finally opens up to Kristen about his reasons for not wanting to marry her.

Eric and Nicole have a disagreement over her life choices. Eric warns her not to return if she goes out for a night of debauchery.

Chloe tells Daniel that Jennifer lied about where they were going. Jennifer and Chloe have it out over Daniel.

Nick reassures Gabi that everything will be alright for their family.

DVR Alerts

Tuesday – Nicole can’t bring herself to tell Eric the truth.

Thursday – Gabi worries that Sonny will cause problems for her.

Source Look Ahead: February 18, 2013 Edition

EJ has questions for Rafe about Kate. Sonny reads something Will intended to give to him but didn’t.


**UPDATED 2/5**

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For February 11-15.

Chloe continues to push ahead with her scheme to pull Daniel closer. She doesn’t have to manipulate things too much though because nature seems to do it for her. Parker has a real medical emergency and that throws the parents together in panic mode. Jenn is sidelined and the diva does her best to keep her there. She tells Daniel that Jenn lied to her about where they were going and that put Parker at risk. Daniel is furious and lashes out at Jenn. After the blond is finished fighting with him, she gets into a brawl with Chloe.

Still walking on sunshine, Sami tells her mom all about her reunion with Elvis. Even though Sami gushes about all of her feelings, Marlena can’t help but rain a little on this parade. Samanther wanders off to the office and soon discovers a box with a ring inside. And speaking of rings… Brady repeats to Kristen that they won’t be exchanging any. He’s not shy about laying out the reasons why. She takes a break from pondering the next move in her plan to dole out some advice to little brother Chad about what he should be doing with his seemingly aimless life.

Chadsworth isn’t the only one who isn’t getting much love for Valentine’s Day. For a few minutes, William’s hopes soar when he gets an unexpected gift from Sonny. However, it starts to look like the Kiriakis is still not planning to get back together with the daddy-to-be. Meanwhile, Nick’s plan to blackmail Lucas and Will continues to slowly creak along. He confidently assures Gabi that they are going to have no trouble keeping custody of the baby.

As Valentine’s Day starts off, Kate is not having a good time in the romance department. Stefano rears his head to give her his judgement on what she’s made of her life since he dumped her. His vicious words cut a deep blue streak into her heart. She mopes off to drink her troubles away. She’s hardly the only one. Tired of life in the nunnery and yearning for the affections of a celibate man, Nicole wants to go out on the town. After an unpleasant argument with Eric, the priest gives her an ultimatum, decreeing that she is not welcome back if she spends the night out. Meanwhile, Rafe is more nauseated by EJ and Sami than he wants to admit. He thinks some booze will cure it. He winds up drinking with Kate and one thing leads to another until four legs wind up frolicking in happy valley.

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