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Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: Jeanne Marie Ford

Segment 1: Staredown - Chloe vs Jen. Jen asks Chloe what she's doing here. Chloe tells her she has nothing to worry about - Daniel's not here. Jen points out that she's wearing Dan's shirt. If he's not here why are you playing house in his apartment?

Kate complains to Billie in the square that Daniel only got Chloe to agree to minimal visits which means she'll hardly ever get to see Parker. Billie states that at least he's not out of her life completely. That's a small comfort. Billie surmises that now she's really going to make Chloe pay. Kate - You have no idea! Billie does. She doesn't think this is Chloe's fault - it's yours.

Brady calls Kristen to tell her work is taking longer than he thought. She's behind too - she'll see him at 'home' later. Roman walks up outside the pub and comments that Kristen looks like she just swallowed that canary everyone talks about. She asks if there's anything wrong with greeting the day with a smile on your face. She adds he always has that same sour. Roman - Because of you. I got an email from John. He said he's leaving town for a while. You wouldn't have anything to do with that, with you?

Dan tries to get Nicole to tell him what she's up to. Nicole deflects then talks. She talked to Sr Margaret and Father Matt today. She's trying to better her life but every now and then she is reminded of the life she thought she was going to have and how much she wanted it and what she was willing to do to get it. I saw you today holding Parker ... this is still very hard for me. You're the last person I expected to see walk through that door. Dan says the look on her face wasn't surprise.

Nicole says it was guilt. Seeing you it just hit me a all over again. Dan asks why. Nicole snaps - I'm pouring my heart out to you and you think that I'm lying. What is wrong with you?

Segment 2: Kate rants - I'm about to lose my grandson and all you can do is rub salt in my wounds. Billie - First of all he's not your grandson and you're not losing him. Kate - I might as well be. Billie - You wouldn't be satisfied with anything short of Chloe's destruction. I tried to tell you ... maybe in not so many words but that's because you don't listen. Kate - Your damned right. Billie - You're so proud of being so stubborn. Kate - It's called determination. Billie - You're absolutely unwilling to change your ways? Kate - How do you think I got where I am? Billie - Where are you? It's time for you to listen to me. Things are about to change around here.

Chloe is wearing Dan's shirt because she's sure Jen wouldn't want her answering the door naked. I was naked because Parker made a huge mess with his mac and cheese. She figured Daniel wouldn't care if she took a quick shower. She wasn't expecting Jen to come knocking because Daniel said he was meeting you for lunch so what are you doing here?

Dan tells Nicole to spare him the phoney indignation and tell him what's going on. He knows what she told him but he knows from past experience that she's 6 lies from the truth so spare us both the trouble and tell me. Vic walks into his living room. Both of you and Chloe darkening my doorstep on the same day? Nicole - Lucky you. Vic - What the hell are you doing here? Dan says they're in the middle of something right now. Nicole - No actually I was in the middle of trying to make an apology to Brady. Vic - Well a sincere one would take all day. Thank God none of us have to worry about that. Nicole tells Brady that she can see she's not wanted here. Maybe I should leave. Brady offers to walk her out. Nicole tells him that's not necessary; she's very familiar with the exit. Outside she recalls copying Titan files. Oh I hope you're ready Kristen because you are no match for me.

Kristen - If you think I had something to do with John leaving town you are a pretty lousy detective, aren't you? John left alone. Roman - Tell me what happened. Kristen - Marlena. She doesn't really seem like herself lately, does she? Roman - I wonder why. Kristen - And it's more than her being on edge. It kind of feels like her and I have switched places. I was the one who used to be sad and troubled and desperate ... Roman - You would use anyone to get what you want. On the other hand Marlena, she would never ... Kristen - Gosh, I tried to make you understand how sorry I am for your saving your life, nursing you back to health, bringing you back to Salem. That was so reprehensible of me, wasn't it? Roman - You certainly didn't do that out of the goodness of your non-existent heart. Kristen - Whatever my motives you're here and it's worked out pretty well for you, hasn't it? Come to think of it Salem's been real good to me this time around. Roman - We'll see about that. Kristen - Okay bye, bye. She stops - I came back to Salem this time to make amends but Brady Black just blew in out of nowhere and made all my dreams come true.

Segment 3: Vic rants - Why do I pay Henderson anyway? Stumbling over people I despise in my own house shouldn't be a daily occurance. Brady - Maybe if you didn't despise half the town it wouldn't be a problem. Vic - Maybe if I didn't have to take in such unsavoury boarders maybe I'd have a sunnier dispositionn. Dan - Sorry. Brady - At least Chloe comes with a cute kid in tow. Vic - Alas, Nicole does not. What the hell was she doing here today anyway? Brady - I don't know if you'll ever know since you sent her on her merry way. Brady excuses himself to call Taiwan. Dan - Would you belive I have to call Taiwan to. Vic is very happy to have Parker here as for that other unwelcome guest ... Dan is a step ahead of him. He's already looking for a place for her to stay. Vic - Why can't she look herself? Dan - She has my kid and I want to help her get settled. I thought you'd be pleased to be rid of her? Vic - I hope you know I'd rather have that brazen hussy darken my doorstep forever than have her darken yours.

Jen says she texted Daniel and asked him to meet her here. Chloe wonders where Dan is then. She pretends to just notice that Daniel left his phone here. Jen realises that means Dan didn't get her text which means she's late. Chloe asks if she has a minute to finish their conversation from earlier. Jen says they are finished unless Chloe wants to hurl another false accusation at her. Chloe - Oh Wow. I think we both know how bad and dangerous it can be to just jump to the wrong conclusion. If I did that I'm sorry. I'm sensing some hostility from you still. I don't think we should be enemies. We can't. There's a child involved here. Jen agrees. Chloe - I think we both want what's best for him. Jen - Yes we do. She leaves. Inside Chloes smirks - Who says blondes have more fun!

Kristen is working on her laptop on her bed when there's a knock on the door. It's Nicole. Nicole is here to do God's work. She holds up a file folder. I have a letter here from Eric that he needs you to sign about you leaving the board. Kristen - And you didn't suggest that he send someone else? Nicole - I volunteered to come. I just feel like we have some unfinished business.

Segment 4: Kristen - If you're here to attack me physically again I will kick the crap out of you. Nicole talked with Brady and she wants to apologise for what happened earlier. If Brady is happy with you who am I to stand in the way. I realised I just have to let nature take it's course. Kristen - I don't actually need your permission to continue seeing Brady but it's so nice of you to give it. Nicole - You're right, you don't need anything from me but the truth is you don't want to be my enemy and vice versa from what I here. Kristen - So give me the papers. Kristen gets a call. While she's distracted Nicole pockets a key card. Kristen rants about the valet - she has to go. Nicole says she hasn't signed the paper yet. Kristen hasn't read it. Nicole - If you can't trust a priest who can you trust? Kristen signs it - Now please go. Nicole - I'm going, thank you very much.

Kate - What kind of change are you talking about sweetheart? Billie - When you call me sweetheart you treat me like I'm six. Kate is sorry. I actually would have liked to be a mother to you when you were six. Billie - It's too late to play the guilt card. I made some calls and I've lined some things up. Kate - I don't know what you're talking about. Billie - Of course you don't. You're too busy getting revenge on Chloe to ever notice. I'm looking for a new job. I don't think we should work together anymore.

Chloe tells Parker they're going to play with Grandma Maggie but they won't be gone long. Daddy and Jennifer don't know that I know where they're having lunch and if I just happen to stop by I'm going to make sure everything goes just right for the both of us. I'm doing all this for you.

Dan hears him. Vic - Just like you heard me the first time I warned you about Chloe in the first place and Nicole. Brady returns with the gentleman on the line wanting to talk to Victor. Before stepping out he tells Brady not to leave before they have a chance to talk. Brady complains about everyone coming down on him about Kristen. He names names including Maggie's. She called it self-destructive addict behaviour and even if you agree with her I'd appreciate you keeping your opinions to yourself. Dan doesn't know Kristen so it's none of his business. Brady is sorry for dragging Jen into keeping the secret for him before. Dan suggests that perhaps the 4 of them could do dinner sometimes. Brady would love that. Dan will tell Jen - she'll be happy. BTW why was Nicole here. Brady says she and Kristen got into it. I think Nicole realised she was fighting a losing battle. She came here to apologise. Disaster averted, I hope ... because if Kristen and Nicole went to war, look out Salem.

Nicole lets herself back into Kristen's room. Sorry about your job Mr. Valet, I hope it was worth your while because you have made my day. She copies Titan's files on to Kristen's laptop.

Segment 5: Vic returns happy to find that he and Brady are alone. Brady promises that Nicole won't be showing up here on a regular basis. Vic says if he wants to entertain a woman under this roof any murderous vixen would be preferable to Kristen. Brady is so sick of ... Vic - And you've had it with every person who loves you. They're all wrong and you're the only one who is right. Now why is that? Because we all know you're such an impeccable judge of character. Brady - Do you remember what the entire Horton family said when Maggie fell for you but she saw something in you that no one else did. Lucky for you that she didn't listen to her family. Vic - Don't you dare compare me to that ... Brady - Why not? Vic - Because we all know why you're interested in Kristen and it's for one reason only. Brady - It's not about the sex. It's about who she is, the person she is. I just got out of rehab so I happen to believe that you can turn your life around if you try hard enough and if you want it. Kristen hasn't been here for 10 years ... Vic - And she's a totally new person! Brady - Yes she is. She has changed and what we have is real. Vic - Aww ... Where have I heard that before? You know there's a very fine line between trust and naivete and if you haven't learned that difference yet I'm sure that Kristen will be more than happy to teach you. Brady - We're done here. Goodbye. He leaves.

Jen comes into the pub and apologises for being late. Dan notices that she's not her normal perky self. Dan starts talking about this email he got from Ann Milbauer. He's going to show it to her then realises he doesn't have his phone. Jen has it. Dan asks what she was doing at his place. Jen went there to surprise him ... Chloe walks up. She ordered some takeout. She's glad to run into Jen. She wants to apologise again for what happened earlier - it was really awkward. Dan is in the dark. Chloe is surprised Jen didn't tell him. It was all a misunderstanding. So she tells him she was wearing one of Dan's shirts and why. Her food is ready. Get back to your date. Dan is a little confused; why did you tiptoe around what happened instead of just telling me the truth.

Nicole - Corporate espionage may not be what you're really guilty of but it's karma baby. If you're lucky Brady might find another naughty little secret in your personal file once he gets an anonymous tip. She's about to leave whnen she hears someone trying to get in. Brady enters and calls out for Kristen. Nicole hides in the bathroom.

Segment 6: Kate - So you're quitting. Why? Billie - Were you not listening to me? Kate - It's not like I've asked you to do anything underhanded. Billie - No, I've had to stand by and pretend to support you while you plot and scheme. I can't do it anymore. I love you do death; I just need some distance. Kate - I'll stop. Billie - No you won't. I thought it would change after you got away from Stefano. Kate - My marriage crumbled, Austin went off to another continent with my grandbaby to be and now I've lost Parker so ... Billie - I don't want to be cruel but you have to take a look at why the people you love always leave you. I don't want you to hurt you. I just need to take care of myself. I need a fresh start. When Curtis got me addicted on heroin as a kid I traded it in for another addiction, getting Bo Brady to love me. Kate - I was there for you every step of the way. Billie - You helped me so much. You taught me to be a fighter but what I really needed to do was learn how to let go. I've learned my lesson. I can't go back. I just need some distance. I found out that if you cling to somebody so hard you just lose them. I don't want to do that anymore. I have to go. I don't want you to drag me down. Kate - Is that what I do? Billie has to go; she's expecting a call. Kate grabs her arm - We're not finished here. Billie - Yes we are. Kate will try harder. Billie - I've already tried as hard as I can. She walks away.

Jen wasn't trying to hide anything - she didn't see the point of getting into it. She assures him that Chloe didn't upset her. When he asks why she came to his place she tells him to check his phone. He does. Jen - This is why I'm overdressed for the pub. Dan is sorry. Jen says the important thing is that they are here and they're alone. Dan thinks this date needs a do over so he offers to make her dinner ... maybe not dinner. He wants to make this up to her. Jen knows what he can do.

Brady dims the lights. Kristen returns. Brady asks if she's alright. She starts ranting then notices the rose petals on the bed. Brady picks her up and lays her on the bed. Nicole peaks - EWWW!

Segment 7: Chloe rushes to the hospital to talk to Ann. Ann is on the phone firing someone. She tells Chloe she used to hate firing people, now she imagines it's Jennifer's head on the chopping block and suddenly it's not so bad. Of course my fantasy will never come true as long as Daniel is protecting her ... Chloe - You might get your wish. Daniel will get bored with her and then Ms Horton will be somebody else's problem - not yours or mine. Ann - You sound pretty sure of yourself - do tell. Chloe - Let's just say I gave her an image she won't be able to get out of her for a very long time.

When she sent Dan that text message she thought she'd come to his place and they'd be alone, really alone. I feel where we're at right now, it felt like the right time. Dan screwed up royally today. Jen points out the day isn't over. It might be very nice if they went away together. She knows he's just getting to know Parker. She doesn't want to stand in the way of that but toddler's sleep 12, 13 hours a night so maybe we could manage one night just the two of us. Dan asks if she's sure she's ready for this. She takes his hand - Yeah, I'm so sure. I really want this night to be special for both of us. Dan says it will be. Jen - Maybe we can meet tonight. That works for Dan.

Kristen pushes Brady away - Don't move I'll be right back. Nicole looks around in panic for a place to hide.
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