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camera shy

Jan 30 2013, 09:04 AM
camera shy
Jan 30 2013, 08:52 AM
I always thought if Sami slept with EJ then they would also let Rafe sleep with someone too.....to even the score. And if it's Nicole, then it's like "You slept with my enemy and I slept with yours". Damn, this is still all about Safe. I would love to see Rafe really move on with someone else.
I agree....I was hoping they would bring in someone new and beautiful for Rafe to drive Sami crazy... but if Rafe's drinking buddy is Nicole, that would a double delicious treat...nobody she hates more than Nicole as she's told Rafe more than once. That little bar encounter Racole had way back when didn't have quite a happy ending, but it did have heat! But please, NO Chloe! She' be pretty stupid if she did, trying to snag Dr. Dan....but we are talking Chloe here! Am so looking forward to this episode....and NO Sami!! :cheer: :wine: :cheer: :cheers:
You know I could see it being Chloe too. lol. Daniel tells her he's never going to love her and again and Jennifer is the only woman for him now and she goes to a bar to drown her sorrows and meets Rafe. And if it's Chloe, then she cand show up in town a year from now with Rafe's baby when Safe is happily reunited.
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