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Jan 30 2013, 09:59 AM
Frankly, if anyone has a right to be pissed off about the rape (and all of Sami's children have a right to be pissed about it, as far as I'm concerned), it should be Johnny. "Oh, by the way, son, you were the result of a lovely night where I raped your mother after shooting your grandfather. Now, come over here and give me a great big hug!"

I hate to think about James Scott actually remaining on the show long enough for such a storyline to play out, but frankly, if Johnny doesn't disown E.J. (or do something equally dramatic) when he learns about that little tidbit of information, it will be one of the biggest missteps that the show has ever taken, IMO.
IA and why should Lucas forgive EJ for raping sami just because sami was stupid enough too not to mention EJ tried to kill LUcas after that anyways.when someone hurts someone you care about you tend to hold a grudge.
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