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For the most part, I enjoyed Billie & Kate & Nicole & Kristen.

But that's solely becaus eI enjoy the characters so much.

But I was also bored this epi just like Mondays.

I'm not enjoying Chloe at all. I'm tryin', but I just never cared enough for the actress or character, I guess.

Tan & Jen-Jen...UGH!!! They make me want to jab sharp pointy things in my eyes and ears. These people are suposed to be in their 40's-50's. WTF? It's like torture watching them together. And what I found most odd was that I actually didn't even mind Taniel today when he was at the manse talking to Nicole, Brady & Victor! I attribut that to Nic & Vic totally because Brady is dumb as a bag of hammers too. I do love me some Victor snark but will also agree with those who said they need a new schtick for him. Grumpy Vic is awesome, but where is scary Vic? Why isn't he trying to have Kristen or chloe eliminated or blackmail them somehow? Victor should hang out with Kate. they need each other. But, at least there was no Maggie! It's almost a guaranteed suck-fest if she is involved.

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