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Jan 30 2013, 11:49 AM
Jan 30 2013, 11:26 AM
Does anyone actually care how Lucas feels about EJ? Well I guess some fans do, but no one on the shoe seems to. All of Sami's kids, except Will should be pleased that Sami forgives the unforgivable. They wouldn't be here otherwise.
I think the post about "Lucas should just give E.J. a free pass on raping Sami" may have been a typo, as the conversation preceding it was about Allie's feelings about EJ, and so I think "Allie should just give E.J. a free pass on raping Sami" b/c he deigned to help Lucas was intended. I can't speak for other posters of course, and I could be so entirely wrong, but that was the impression I had reading it.

As for the question though, if anyone on the show really cares about what Lucas thinks about EJ, does anyone on the show really care about anyone's feelings about EJ? Well, maybe a few people re: Sami's feelings about EJ. But that's about it. I am not sure that is exclusive to Lucas. Lucas cares about his feelings I suppose, insofar as that he has them, and feels them, and that's that.

As for Sami's children's feelings about EJ and the circumstances by which they came to be, I am not sure they should feel any one way. If I were Allie, I could be thankful that my father saved on some level, but no less angered if I learned about what happened that night. I am not sure I understand the she should be 1100% outraged or the she should be 1100% grateful thinking. Probably some mixture of both. And if she found out about some of the things her parents did to each other, I am not sure she would be pleased. Or if she found out about the things EJ did to Sami in later years, she might not be too thrilled either.

Fundamentally though, as we see Allie on twice a month, we are giving her more of an interiority than the show ever will.
I'm not sure it's exclusive to Lucas, either, but it was his refusal to offer forgiveness that has become the topic. I didn't get the impression that that was a typo, rather than thread drift.

I'd be happy to see the show deal with letting the kids find out everything their parents did (and brother, in the case of EJ getting shot the first time). All of the adults have a lot to answer for. And I agree that I could see Allie being conflicted about it all. I think the debate has dragged on for so long because the scenario wasn't cut and dried even amongst the actors and there's a lot of drama in the 15-20 year old twins finding our about that (and the shooting, death row, the drugging, bloody clothes, the paternity lies etc.).
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