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LOL @ the truly many faces of Billie. I like how there's 3 LR pics for each of her stints.

Very happy to see Kate finally sharing scenes with Will again. I understand Kate is a bitch and doesn't exactly provoke anyone in town to be nice to her besides her family but Nick really shouldn't run his mouth like that to his boss.

I kinda love to hate Nick. Though I don't hate him, entirely. I like that I feel he's complex. He's trying to control his, well, insanity and posessive/controlling nature. It's really interesting to watch. I just really dread him being thrown under the bus later.

Can I also say how much I love that we get to see characters in their offices? Hope was in hers today, even though they likely just re-dress the same set for Hope, Marlena and Jen.

I like Rafe and Hope as colleagues/friends. I don't know if I can even see it being more. I see no chemistry whatsoever and I was kinda open to it even though I'd happily throw Rafe to the dogs for Bo.

Isn't it just so wrong that Jennifer, Kayla, Marlena and Hope are all wandering around Salem without their husbands? I mean, seriously, if Jack were still alive they would ALL have deserted their wives. That's so shameful. Seriously. I really think Tomlin just has no idea how to write for them and make them interesting, even though they're probably incredibly easy to write for.
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