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just joey

Jan 28 2013, 11:27 PM
Jan 20 2013, 04:47 PM
I really wish Steffy would keep the news to herself. Let Hope & Liam be boring together. Then she can come out with the pregnancy news but say Liam isn't the father. That would be more interesting than watching Liam stay with Steffy because she is pregnant. Hope lurking around every corner & Liam waffling back and forth. Of course Liam will decide he wants to be with Hope. Then somehow Steffy will lose the baby and try to fake like she is still pregnant to get Liam to stay with her.
I still think Steffy should just tell Liam it's over and when the pregnancy becomes evident say she had a fling in Paris. Liam deserves to see her child grow up under his nose without knowing it's his. I don't want to see Steffy with Liam if he can't be in the relationship wholeheartedly. I'm hoping Liam and Hope will plan another wedding and she'll fall off a cliff (taking Broke with her) and disappear into the ocean forever! But then who would I have to bash?
Lies & deceit always catches up to people. :wtf: Why would Steffy want to lie about The babies parentage? Why would she "DEGRADE" herself by saying that while she was in PARIS, that she met someone, And HAD an AFFAIR? This would only show Liam that STEFFY never loved him. All that STEFFY has to do is tell Liam, " NOW", "ABOUT THEIR BABY", "BUT " also tell him that if he decides to go back with HOEpe, that SHE has "NO problem", raising their child, "ALONE". That she does not need him to be there, for "HER" baby. :wave: That she does not need the babies father to stay with her out of a sense of duty.
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