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Jan 30 2013, 03:05 PM
Jan 30 2013, 02:59 PM
I'm no Ejami fan (due 100% to Sami being part of that pairing), but I guess I can't see how Johnny learning the truth will change his feelings for his father. Because Sami obviously got over it - she's slept with EJ multiple times since then, has dated him, gotten engaged to him, has/had/will have a relationship with him. I think the show's gone out of its way to show us that Sami doesn't feel like it was rape. Maybe she might have at one time, but she's over it.

Didn't Will know the truth? It didn't stop him from having a relationship with EJ (and becoming his lackey).

It will be glossed over and/or forgotten. The show has decided it wants EJ and Sami to have relationship possibilities, so that part of their history will be left by the wayside.

While I agree, I think this is a major problem the show has in general. I'd still like to see Abby and Stephanie find out about Jack and Kayla. That's good conflict and good, layered story. Having everyone just get over everything all the time is what kills the show for me.
I've been waiting years for this to come out. I can't believe they've just glossed over it. I mean, Kayla and Jack were friendly with each other...even this last run, but you could feel the awkwardness when they did share scenes. I've always wondered if Abby knew and it has all just been pushed under the rug...or if they never knew. They really missed the boat on that.

ETA: Regarding EJ/Sami...I don't think they'll ever really address that. They haven't all these years. I think I even saw a tweet from AS saying that she didn't think Sami was a victim...or something to that effect. So if she doesn't feel that way, I doubt the show goes there anytime soon.
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