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Jan 30 2013, 11:49 AM
Jan 30 2013, 11:26 AM
Does anyone actually care how Lucas feels about EJ? Well I guess some fans do, but no one on the shoe seems to. All of Sami's kids, except Will should be pleased that Sami forgives the unforgivable. They wouldn't be here otherwise.
I think the post about "like Lucas should just give E.J. a free pass on raping Sami" may have been a typo, as the conversation preceding it was about Allie's feelings about EJ, and so I think "like Allie should just give E.J. a free pass on raping Sami" b/c he deigned to help Lucas was intended. I can't speak for other posters of course, and I could be so entirely wrong, but that was the impression I had reading it.
No, it wasn't a typo. While the conversation had mainly been about Allie at the point of my post, the post that I was responding to (as the quoted portion of my post indicated) seemed to heavily imply that Lucas should be grateful to E.J. for saving his life.

Jan 29 2013, 11:09 PM
Poor Lucas. Thank goodness EJ kept up his side of the bargain and saved him.

I completely disagree with that implication. No one -- least of all Lucas -- should be expected to give E.J. a free pass on raping Sami simply because he deigned to do a good deed afterward, like it was some sort of penance or something. Raping Sami was not required in order to save Lucas' life. As I said before, it wasn't Gummiberry Juice. He didn't rape Sami because he knew that raping someone would give the superhuman strength that he would need to save Lucas' life. It wasn't some noble sacrifice for the greater good. He didn't take one for the team. He committed a cruel act simply because he could, and the fact that he deigned to hold up his end of the bargain after committing that act really has no bearing whatsoever on how Lucas, Allie, or anyone else should feel about him for committing that act in the first place.
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