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just joey

Jan 27 2013, 08:55 PM
It official, B&B needs a new writing team.
No one wants see Lope get married, again.
There goes Brooke 2.0 using Thomas to make Liam jealous, LOL
Ridge, Brooke did the same thing with Eric and Thorne.
Steffy let Lope get married and free yourself from Lope.
:puke: Bring in the new writing team. This team sucks. Get rid of HOEPE. :frustration: :wtf: :offs: How much shit can we take with HOEPE acting like her mother? She does not belong with LIAM :poof: :whack: !! She's so damn slutty & childish acting!!!!! :spank: And her & Brooke states that she has grown up & Matured? :rip:
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