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Jan 30 2013, 09:23 PM
I don't think "gay boy" in and of itself would be a slur, but the tone is definitely condescending and demeaning. Kinda like Stefano calling someone "A Brrrrady!" Well, yes, they might very well be a Brady, but Stefano's tone & usage makes it very clear that he's meaning that as a bad thing.

If that makes any sense.
I agree with this - Nick's tone of use and context are what make "gay boy" sound very offensive. And I suppose Will is a gay boy factually. But I am trying to imagine Nick not saying it in a douchey way. Like if he were happily greeting Will into a room and said, "Hey look, here is the gay boy" (sincerely, not sarcastically) or if upon finding Will had officially come out saying, "I am proud that you were able to come out as a gay boy to your family." But I guess that is still a context. Something about the word "boy" I think is what irks me most, I think - that somehow Will is less than a man or something. I dunno. It just really bothers me and is now becoming a Nick trademark.
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