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Viewing Single Post From: Michael Fairman interviews Blake Berris

Great interview. I'm not so sure Nick was raped or anything like that but instead he just changed being prison because of his surroundings...especially with Blake saying he wasn't sure how much they'd delve into what happened to him in prison. Sounds like something might happen to Sonny and/or Will thanks to Nick. With Sonny onto him, I can see something happening to Sonny because Nick would want to rid him of the situation.

I do like what Blake said about how Nick is almost representing the people in society that still have issues with Will and Sonny relationships and totally against them raising a child together. There was no way they'd allow Will and Sonny to be treated like any other couple without somebody truly representing the "other" side. And to me I'm fine with that because it is very true to life how Nick is acting.
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