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Viewing Single Post From: Michael Fairman interviews Blake Berris

Jan 30 2013, 10:42 PM
Great interview. I'm not so sure Nick was raped or anything like that but instead he just changed being prison because of his surroundings...especially with Blake saying he wasn't sure how much they'd delve into what happened to him in prison. Sounds like something might happen to Sonny and/or Will thanks to Nick.
Yeah, I'm still not convinced about the rape theories, either. In any case, I completely disagree with any suggestions that being raped in prison makes it okay to be a homophobe, so if the writers do go down that road, I hope that they don't expect that to instantly redeem Nick, because it won't. Not even remotely.

As for the interview...eh. It felt kind of repetitive to me, like Michael Fairman was asking some of the same questions multiple times, in slightly different ways, to try to get different answers out of Blake Berris. I do like that Blake acknowledged what I've said all along -- that Nick was originally a man of science who would not have been homophobic.

Frankly, I'll just be happy when Nick's gone. Or, at the very least, when everyone in Salem knows exactly who and what he really is.
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