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Personally, I'm hoping for a totally mysterious stranger who would later have ties to one of Salem's families........BUT, should it be Kate (Lordy!), as soon as he awakens to the head pounding hangover and sees who is on the other side of the bed, Rafe will be reeling as he realizes he just boinked the future great grandma of his future niece! This has got to be one of the sickest hookups on Days yet...all to make Sami the sleeze the numero uno heartbreaker of Salem. How far must Days go to degrade Lucas and Rafe in order to justify and elevate the Sami/EJ union...let Sami have her lovefest with EJ and with our blessing...may she live forever in Casa Dimera, but spare the dignity and storyline for Rafe and Lucas. Why must all be sacrificed to the altar of Sami Brady? I have my opinions but at this point my interest is fading. Anyway, I know our dear detective will have his own shock & awe and regrets, :blush: ..........but I'll bet Kate wakes up with a smile on her face! :thumbsup:
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