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Director: Grant A. Johnson
Scriptwriter: David A. Levinson

Segment 1: Rafe comes into the pub and is greeted by Gabi with Nick. She is so happy Rafe came and is going to City Hall with them because she can't get married without him. Rafe has been thinking a lot about this and he thinks she should cancel the ceremony.

Will is with Kate in the square. He wonders if she's going to tell him what's wrong. She's fine, she's concerned about him. She hasn't seen him since that farce of a wedding. She knows that Nick and Gabi convinced him into letting them raise his baby as their own. Will says that's not exactly what it happened. Kate plunges ahead. If they're still trying to shut you out just let me know and she will make sure Nick's parole is revoked immediately.

Marlena's at the police station visiting Hope. Hope gives her a big hug and gets confirmation that John left town. Marlena says they're called it an extended business trip but they both know he needs time away from me to sort out his feelings. Hope - What is there to sort out? He loves you, you love him. You belong together. Marlena says he doesn't trust her anymore. Because of her attempts to beat Kristen at her own game ... that was the last straw for him. Hope is so sorry that she ever suggested that wire tap. I feel responsible. Marlena - It's not your fault. We both know who's to blame.

Nicole hides behind the bathroom door as Kristen comes in to wash her hands. Brady calls out - What is this? Kristen asks - What's what? Brady is looking at her laptop. These are confidential documents from Titan that are on your computer. How the hell did they get on here. Nicole smiles. Kristen has no idea. Brady - This deal is still in negotiations. It hasn't even been presented to the board yet and I'm the only one who has access to these documents. Kristen - You probably used my computer and forgot. Brady - Are you really going to try and turn this around on me? Kristen doesn't like his tone. It has so much suspicion. Brady - Do I have reason to be suspicious? Kristen - Wow! She gets off the bed. Brady asks her where she's going. Kristen is leaving before she says something she regrets. Brady just wants to know why those files are on her computer. She snaps - I don't know as she's leaving. Brady looks at the laptop - This doesn't make any sense. Screw it. He goes after Kristen. Nicole comes out of hiding - I guess my work is done here.

Brady catches up to Kristen in the park. One way or the other we're getting to the bottom of this.

Segment 2: Will tells Kate that he doesn't want her going after Nick. She argues that he's trying to keep Will from the baby. Will says he isn't. Kate rebuts - He was. Will says that was his fault; he agreed to it. Kate asks why. Will thought it would be best for the baby if he wasn't involved. Kate is very sorry he felt that way because she thinks he'll be a fantastic father to that baby. Will is going to try. After what happened I could never act like the baby wasn't mind. Kate asks what happened. Will tells her that Gabi had a sonogram. I saw the baby, I felt her kick. It was incredible. Kate - Her? Will - I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It's a girl; my daughter.

Rafe is not saying that he's against them getting married. I think it would be better for everyone if you just held off for right now. Nick argues that it's not better for him and Gabi. We love each other and we love this baby. Gabi wants to hear what Rafe has to say. The last time you tried to do this it was a disaster. Nick states it wasn't their fault. Rafe thinks it kind of was. You were about to start your marriage off with a really big lie. Take a step back, let the dust settle and that way it won't seem like a reaction to everything that happened. Nick snaps - It isn't. Gabi and I love each other. That hasn't changed and it never will. Rafe - Time, that's all I'm asking for ... it feels right.

Hope argues that Marlena's family was being threatened. You did what you had to do and if John would understand that and see where you're coming from ... Marlena - He understands that. He also knows that my worse fear in all of this is that he would end up in Kristen's bed, not Brady. It's my lack of faith in him that's got him so hurt. Hope suggests getting out of here and going some place to talk over a shared dessert. Marlena can't. I'm just in too much pain. I'm going to go. I'll check in later.

Kristen asks Brady - If I was going to spy on your company, do you think I'd be so stupid to leave my computer out and open to those documents? Brady - No. Kristen - Don't you think it's more feasible that I was set up? Brady - Who would set you up? Kristen - How about the idiot who came to my room and attacked me? Brady says Nicole couldn't have done it because he was there. Kristen - Not the second time. She came by and wanted me to sign the resignation letter. Brady - Eric sent her? Kristen - No, she volunteered I'm sure. Brady - That must have been after she came by the mansion. She was acting really strange. I was trying to figure out why ... now it's making sense to me. Kristen - Maybe you should have thought it out before you blamed the wrong person. Brady stops her from leaving. I'm sorry. I jumped to the wrong conclusion but if you walk away right now Nicole is going to win. He hugs her. I'm so sorry. I'm an idiot. We both got played. Good news, I think I figured out a way to prove it. I need to see those documents one more time.

Segment 3: Nick tells Rafe that he and Gabi need some time to discuss this. Rafe tells Gabi he loves her and then leaves. Gabi - What do you think? Nick - You know what I think.

Kate is so happy for Will. Will - When her image came up on the scream I felt like my whole life changed at that moment. Kate - That's because it did. Will - I'm so relieved that Nick, Gabi and I are on the same page so please don't get his parole revoked. Kate won't. She was trying to be protective. I can see why you'd feel that was intrusive. I just want my children to be happy, my grandchildren to be happy. I just want you to feel loved and secure. Will - Are you going to tell me what's bothering you? Kate - Billie and I had it out. She's deeply disappointed in me ... nothing new. I sure hope you don't experience that with your daughter. Will - Are you guys going to be okay? Kate - Yeah. I'm sure we'll work it out eventually.

Billie is at the coffeehouse talking on her cell. Yes, I'm available. I gave notice to my previous employer. I can start immediately.

Nicole returns to the rectory and starts waxing poetic about the beautiful day ... Eric assumes things went well with Kristen. Nicole says getting her to sign was a piece of a cake ... in fact it was almost too easy. Eric leaves. Brady comes in. Nicole comments that he looks terrible. What's wrong? Brady doesn't know where to start. He needs someone to hear him out. Nicole tells him to talk to her. Brady can't believe he's saying this but he thinks she was right about Kristen. Nicole asks what happened. Did she do something to hurt you? Brady isn't sure but he's hoping Nicole can help him make sense of it.

Segment 4: Rafe catches Hope in a moment of frustration as she's doing paperwork. They share stories about her their days aren't going that great. He hands her a pen because he saw her throw the other one away. She asks how Gabi is. Rafe has spoken to her, told her he loved her. He mentions the lie she told to everyone ... he hopes it doesn't get worse. Did you know that her and Nick were going to get married today by a JP. Hope - What are you talking about? I didn't know about this. Rafe talked to them and asked them to put it off for a little while. I think Gabi bought into it, not sure about Nick. Hope - Do you want me to talk to him? Rafe - I don't want them to feel ganged up on. Beside you've got a lot of other things on your plate. Hope - What are you talking about? Rafe - You've seemed edgy lately. Something else going on besides this? Hope - Like what? Rafe - When Bo is coming back.

Gabi asks is waiting to get married is really such a bad idea. Nick - What if we wait and your brother comes back and asks us to wait some more. What if he's never okay with us being together. Gabi - Of course he's okay with us being together. He just doesn't want us rushing into marriage especially after everything we've been through. Nick - Are you really considering this, considering giving into him like that? Gabi just feels that Rafe has done so much for her and what if he's right. What if waiting is going to let everyone put what happened behind them and actually be happy for us - supportive. Nick - What people? Gabi - Our friends, our family. I would really like them to be there when we do get married. So maybe waiting to get married isn't such a bad idea. Kate walks up to them - Finally, someone's talking sense.

Marlena stops as Kristen walks up behind in the park talking on the stall. She wants those new security measures instituted immediately. After the call Kristen tells Marlena it wasn't about her but given how strange she's been acting maybe she should get a little extra security. Marlena - Let's not do this. Kristen - Why not, it's so much fun.

Brady - And that's when I saw those documents on Kristen's computer. Nicole - And with her position at DiMera Ent. she could use that against you. I'm so sorry. Brady - I can't be involved with someone I don't trust. Nicole - Without trust what do you have? Brady - Funny, but there's more to it than that. The part I can't figure out. Those documents are brand new. They were timestamped when they were uploaded to my computer and based on that, there's no way Kristen could have stolen them. Nicole - Are you sure? Do you think she could have hacked into the system? Brady - No, but you were at the house. Did you see anything? Nicole - What could I have seen? Brady really needs her to think about this because it's important. I didn't do it, Victor didn't do it, Daniel certainly didn't do it ... Nicole - Henderson ... Brady - You. You were the only else that was there. That's why I need your help figuring this out. What am I missing that would explain how documents that Kristen clearly couldn't have stolen from my computer wound up on her computer right after you left my place and went to her place to have her sign those papers for Eric. Nicole - Wait a minute. You think I did this! You so easily dismiss everyone else and point the finger at me. Fine, obviously Daniel didn't have a part in this but let's think about Grandpa Victor in all this. Brady - Are you really going to through my Grandpa under the bus right now to cover your sorry ass. Nicole - Like he wouldn't do it to me. Brady grabs her wrists and calls her a lying little bitch.

Segment 5: Marlena - You must be so proud of yourself. You really got it this time. Kirsten - You wouldn't mind if I just quickly patted you down - I just want to make sure you're not wearing a wire. Marlena isn't. Kirsten - No more stupid tricks that just make you look like an idiot. Thank goodness you've moved on. Marlena - You've won. John is suffering, I'm suffering. That's what you wanted, be happy. Kirsten - You're not suffering. You're in heaven. You thrive on self-pity. You know what I haven't seen you do, take responsibility for what you've done. Did you tell Brady what you tried to do to me? Of course you didn't. Of course you didn't because that would just get in the way of your narrative; the one where you're always and forever the victim. Even now, just look at you. You've lost and you're still slathered in all that smug, superiority. That's why it's never going to be over for us. You're a hypocrite and what's worse, you don't own it.

Brady - I can't believe you'd pull this on me. The one person who stood by you when no one else would. They were smart enough to know that you would make their lives hell if you were given the chance. Do you think that I would fall for something stupid like this. Nicole - You don't understand. (Eric is back in the room now). Brady rants - Of all the idiotic things you have done this has got to be the stupidest of them all. You put those documents on Kristen's computer, didn't you. You wanted me to think that she was stealing from Titan; that she was using me. Nicole - No. Brady screams - Don't say no because I have proof. Did you think that you were going to break us up. You didn't, as a matter of fact we're stronger for it now. You crossed the line. I don't want to see you. We're done. Nicole calls out - Just let me explain. Listen to me. He's gone. Eric - My God, what have you done?

Nick tells Kate the wedding won't interfere with work. He's not scheduled to start until next week. Kate is just agreeing with Gabi; getting married would be a mistake. Gabi never said it would be a mistake. Kate hands an envelope to Nick. Nick - What is this, a severance package? I thought I made it clear that we have a contract, it's solid. Kate - Relax, you're not fired thanks to Will. Will convinced me that you and Gabi are going to keep him and his baby girl's best interests in mind. Gabi thanks her. Kate - Don't thank me, thank Will. Nick would appreciate it if she wouldn't tell people that Gabi is having a girl because she really wanted to tell people herself. Kate - Will told me that and since he's the father I think it's up to him who he tells. Gabi tells Nick it's fine. He asks Kate what the envelope's about. Kate - Your parking pass, your security badge. You need to rest up because you're going to be very, very busy. You won't be seeing much of your fiancee because when you're young and just getting started those are the kinds of sacrifices you need to make. She leaves.

Marlena sees Brady rushing through the square. He's sorry, he doesn't have time. Marlena asks him to take a minute, it's important.

Segment 6: Billie returns to the coffeehouse and finds Kate working there. Billie asks if she can join her. Yes, but if she's wants her job back she's already put out feelers; HR is compiling a list of possible replacements. Billie isn't here because of that. She wasn't going to do this but she ran into Will and he convinced her that she deserved better than to learn about it after the fact. That job I was after, it came through. Kate congratulates her. Billie - The position's in Europe. I leav tonight. Kate - Before you go can you tell me, do you really hate me that much?

Nick thinks Kate's visit made one thing very clear. There's no one on our side but us. Gabi - That's not true. You're overreacting. Nick argues - No. The only reason she came by was to let me know how short the leash is with her. Essentially that's what your brother was doing in his own way. Gabi - No! How could you compare my brother to Kate. Nick - Because he should be looking out for you. He should be trying to help you get what you want which is to marry me and for us to raise this baby together but he's not. He's putting restrictions and conditions and limits ... Gabi - Stop! Nick - I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. We'll figure this out. Gabi - I know what Rafe wants me to do and obviously I know what you want me to do but ... Nick - What do you want? Gabi - I don't want to be caught in the middle. If we go to City Hall today or we go in a couple of months to get married, we are going to get married ... so it doesn't matter if I'm as big as a house. It's still going to be beautiful and we can make everything work just like we want it to. Please Nick. Nick - If that is what makes you happy then that's what we'll do. Gabi hugs him - Thank you.

Hope really appreciates Rafe's concern; it's sweet but she's not on edge and certainly not because of Bo. Rafe - He's been gone a while. Hope - Yeah. He's spending some long overdue time with the kids, Shawn, Belle and Claire. I have to safe I'm envious; wish I could be there. Rafe gets a call from Gabi. She tells him that she and Nick talked it over and since the end result is the same either way they're going to postpone the wedding for now. Rafe knows this wasn't any decision for her to make. Hope takes it they agreed to hold off on getting married today; good. She thinks it's for the best too. She starts gathering her things. She's going to pick up Ciara. She'll see him tomorrow. Rafe - We weren't finished. Hope - Yes we were. I'll tell Bo you said hi. Lock up when you leave.

Nick is on his computer doing a search; Lucas Horton, prison sentence. Time to play hardball Will.

Eric - What were you thinking? How could you do something like this? Nicole - Could you just let me explain. I was trying to help Brady and you. Look I know you've been trying to lead towards this better path or whatever ... Eric - If that's what you think I meant than I've seriously failed. Nicole - You don't get it. No matter what, you can't turn me into this virtous person overnight. I know this is hard for you to understand but the things I do, they come from here (she covers her heart). I know this thing with Kristen has torn you apart. I thought if I could make things better ... Eric points out she didn't do that. Nicole - If things had gone the way they were supposed to you would be thanking me right now. Eric - No I wouldn't. Nicole - Okay fine. But you know what, if I lose my friendship with Brady over this, so be it because I would do it again in a heartbeat because I want him to see the light where that woman is concerned. And I want you to be happy and I'm sorry if this was the only way I could think of to make that happen.

Marlena - I know your father told you that he went to Europe on business. That's only partly true. Brady - I guess the other part is because of the way things are between us. Marlena - And because he needed a break from me. Brady - From you? Marlena - I need to tell you something and I'm fairly sure you're not going to like it. I went to see Kristen a few days ago. It was my idea, John didn't know about it. I was wearing a wire. Brady - Why? Marlena - I was hoping I could get her to say why she was with you; what she wanted from the relationship. Anyway the whole thing backfired. John found out and he was terribly upset and that's why he left. Brady - Why are you telling me this now? Marlena - Well I guess I would have assumed Kristen had told you about it already. I don't know why she didn't. In fact she was on to me from the very beginning. She held up a note that said I know what you're doing. Cue Brady recalling asking Kristen about that note and her answer. Marlena - I know this is a lot to absorb. Sit down and let me ... Brady is sorry. I've got to go. He leaves.

Segment 7: Billie - There are reasons why I came back and those reasons are no longer relevant. It's just time for me to move on. Kate - And you realised all of that after one minor argument with me? Billie - No, the timings just not good. Kate - What if I don't accept your resignation. Billie - Mom, please, don't do that. I don't mean to hurt you it's just that I need to make this change for me. I've got to do this for myself. It's not like we're not going to see each other. You can come to visit and you know I'm always going to come back. Kate - I don't want to stay goodbye. Billie - You don't have to. I love you Mom. I just wish you didn't make is so darn hard to be in your corner. Please just know that's where I'm always going to be no matter what even if you don't see me there. I really do love you, I just need to do this. They hug and cry. Billie leaves.

Will asks Gabi if she's really okay about postponing the wedding. She tells him it's not going to be for long. Rafe is right, it's better this way. When we actually get married, it will be more of a celebration. She has something for him. She gives him a copy of the sonogram picture. Will - It's our little girl. Thank you. Where's Nick? I want to thank him.

Nick is upstairs reading about Lucas being convicted and sent to prison for 10 yrs for the attempted murder of EJ DiMera and that he confessed. Lucas went to jail for Will so the confession was a lie for Will. He took the rap for Will. The gay boy tried to murder EJ DiMera. Will sticks his head in the door - Nick. Nick is startled.

Eric knows that wasn't easy for Nicole to say. He's really glad she did. I'm sorry that it cost you your relationship with Brady. Maybe when things cool down you can repair it but I think you should prepare yourself just in case ... Nicole - Just in case what? Eric - You broke the law by stealing those documents off Brady's computer. If either one of them gets mad enough to press charges ... Nicole - I could wind up in jail.

Kristen is sprawled out in a chair drinking way. Considering how the day started it couldn't have ended in a better position. There's a knock on the door. It's Brady. She comments that he didn't use his key. Did you confront Nicole? Brady - He did and she confessed to everything like I thought she would. Kristen throws her arms around him - let's celebrate. Brady wants to know why she lied to him. Kristen - I didn't, Nicole did. Brady isn't talking about the files. Why did you lie to me about Marlena?
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