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Jan 30 2013, 07:24 PM
I'm getting bored with the same Marlena and Kristen exchanges. Been there, done that, what's next?

Glad Will had time with Kate. I found it odd that busy body Kate hadn't searched out Will yet and rallied for him. Loved her take charge attitude and that she said she'd get Nick's parole revoked. Very Kate.

Gabi actually spoke her mind? Color me amazed. I like that she took what Rafe said seriously and wasn't manipulated by Nick's 'it's us against all of them' tactic . . . at least for today.

Eric still bores me to tears. I hate that this is the guy Nicole is going to have feelings for next. Blech!

I need for Nicole to have a scheme that actually works. I'm tired of hearing her apologize all the time too. She's so much better than all this.

So true... of many things you said.

Mar and Kri.. hello!! We already know you hate each other.. so, what? Gives us something new?

Eric.. I want to love him.. but don't see what his purpose is on the show anymore. Maybe its the priest collar?

True... about Nicole.. not to mention EJ.. why are they always failing?

.. a side not. Kate is the mother of Lucas, and hence the grandmother of Will.. so..does that baby make her grand grandmother? LOL..
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