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LPS Cane has gotten plenty of Karma. I find it interesting with Victor on this show that people can expect Karma for anybody. Cane lost Lily and the Kids. Lily had an affair with Daniel. He lost his job ended up in a bar. He lost his relationship with both Jill and Kay. Cane got all these things back but not without being the town pariah. For a time there seems like everyone who ran into Cane ranted at him about what he did. I am not saying they had no right to but I dont want to hear he got off scott free. No one ever rants at Victor for his continual evil doing. I figure what's good for the goose is good for the gander.

As far as violence against women better Lily beat her with the bat then!

btw Cane thinks of Billy as his brother. Cane would have never traveled so far to help him out if he didnt think of him as family. Some in the audience may not think of it that way but Jill thinks of him as her son and so Cane responds to her as his mother. All who are connected to her Cane adopts as family.

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