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Well, she acts like one. She's a relatively unsuccessful one, though.
And what's going on with Rafe now is the same kind of thing that made people rip into Sami. If she were to have gone and found some random guy in a bar and taken him home a few days after she was willing to sleep with Rafe, we'd never hear the end of it. Especially when she's a whore when she has only been dating two guys and didn't even try to sleep with one of them before she chose which one she wanted to be with.
I think the way it's playing out is completely different. If they play it with him suddenly having feelings for this person, maybe. We'll see. I hope not because I have no desire to watch Rafe be a whore either. I don't care if he ever has sex again, lol.
Then that will ruin The Days of Rafe's Wang for me.
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