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just joey
Jan 30 2013, 08:22 PM
Jan 24 2013, 04:11 PM
Hmm.. Will Taylor whore herself out to get power for her and her kids? She really is the one person she hates - Brooke
Just because Taylor & Eric may make love, :makeout: she will "NEVER", "WHORE", herself out , to get what she wants as far as power at F.C. goes. Or for any other reason. That takes a pro. A "BITCH" in HEAT :sex4: . Taylor does not fit that bill. Brooke is practiced at that. And the way that Taylor feels about the way that BROOKE has been all of these years, she is "NOT" about to become a CARBON COPY of her.
I agree! There's not enough men on this show to have 2 women who can't keep their clothes on. We expect it from Brooke, it's like breathing to her. Taylor not so much. Yeah I hear all of you Brooke whiners- Taylor has slept with just as many Forresters as Brooke- the difference is Taylor doesn't sleep around to gain something out of it, unlike Brooke. The only reason Brooke latches on to a guy is to screw with someone else. Theres usually no love there except her love of sex!
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