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Jan 31 2013, 12:37 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deep
Neither has Sami, but everyone calls her one.

At least Sami CARES for who she beds, unlike that hairy hornball Rafe.

Unless, he truly does care for Kate/Hope/Chloe and I just missed that memo.

ETA: I think she did sleep with Lucas last summer - I had forgotten since they didn't show anything this time. What made me remember was the MOOBIES!
Sami slept with Lucas in April or May or both. And she would have slept with EJ or Rafe, take your pick, on any given day since then. Rafe, EJ and Lucas have only slept with or attempted to sleep with her. She tries to play musical beds but gets interupted each time.
Except Rafe did try to sleep with Carrie. Sami shut EJ down several times, until she decided she was through with Lucas. And I don't believe she made an attempt to sleep with Rafe until she was finished with EJ, and she didn't get close to sleeping with EJ again until Rafe was out of the picture.
When Rafe was trying to sleep with Carrie weren't he and Sami on their way to being divorce? And she didn't let Lucas know she was finish with him when she went on the run with EJ and would have slept with him if Rafe hadn't shown up and arrested them. And EJ didin't know she was finished with him (after he poured his heart out to her) when she was ready to fuck Rafe before Gabi's wedding.
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