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I haven't seen the episode yet but did she really say she was trying to be with Rafe for her family's approval? Because that is absolutely, unequivocally, completely and utterly NOT how it played up until the point everyone found out about the true paternity of Gabi's baby and Rafe and Sami turned on each other like foaming-at-the-mouth chihuahuas. Not. Even. Close. Sami was waffling as usual, but if the viewer didn't have any knowledge of spoilers they'd probably think she was making her way back to Rafe.

As previously noted, I don't have a dog in this fight. But I know BS when I smell it.
She actually admitted to EJ that she's been trying to get back together with Rafe since the fall. That floored me too. But today, she exlained why she was trying to get back with him.
I'm totally perplexed by this but I'll try my hardest to reserve judgment until I see how it plays.
I think if you can buy that Sami had been trying to get back together with Rafe because she wanted her family to approve of her pick and because she assumed he was the "good" guy while EJ is the "bad" guy (which is what she said), then I think the scenes will make sense to you. But if you can't buy into that premise, then they will probably play like WTF to you.

At the end of the day, these scenes won't be convincing to anybody who thinks the idea of Ejami being in love is completely laughable because of their history. And even as an Ejami fan, I totally get that perspective. But for fans of the couple or for those that are open to them as a pairing, I think they did probably as good of a job as they could in this moment in making sense of her actions these last few months and making her choice believable.
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