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I haven't seen the episode yet but did she really say she was trying to be with Rafe for her family's approval? Because that is absolutely, unequivocally, completely and utterly NOT how it played up until the point everyone found out about the true paternity of Gabi's baby and Rafe and Sami turned on each other like foaming-at-the-mouth chihuahuas. Not. Even. Close. Sami was waffling as usual, but if the viewer didn't have any knowledge of spoilers they'd probably think she was making her way back to Rafe.

As previously noted, I don't have a dog in this fight. But I know BS when I smell it.
She actually admitted to EJ that she's been trying to get back together with Rafe since the fall. That floored me too. But today, she exlained why she was trying to get back with him.
Yes, but if the explanation is that she was doing it for her family's approval, I've got to call B.S. too. There is nothing that has happened since this summer that would indicate she was looking for her family's approval. The only family scenes that I can even think of are Caroline telling Sami she understood what it was like to be torn and Hope being all happy AFTER finding Rafe and Sami half-nekkid.

I'm all good with them putting EJ and Sami together, but this is just more short-cut writing. I'd have a lot more respect if she had said she was chasing after Rafe because she wanted to be the type of person he wanted her to be, but she doesn't want that anymore. That would have made sense. But blaming her family or using them as her excuse makes zero sense given what we've seen onscreen since 2008, her whole entire history, and, quite frankly, her family. The only person allowed to express disapproval of EJ is Kayla and I hardly think Sami's making decisions about her love life based on Kayla's opinions.

It's just so darn frustrating because they could have actually gone there and made this make some kind of sense. But this just sounds like more contrived BS that can be easily forgotten in a few months. Bummer.
Didn't we also get Roman and Marlena making some comments when EJ became her boss at CW too? Regardless, I don't know if we need much in the way of expressed family disapproval since there's a pretty long history of them hating EJ. I think she's pretty safe in her assumption that the Bradys aren't going to be happy about this.

But yeah, I think they should've played up more of the angle that she was trying to be "good" and being good meant picking Rafe. They went that way a little bit with her line about assuming Rafe was the good guy, but I would've like more in that regard. And it would've made even more sense than the family disapproval angle. Overall, I had pretty low expectations for them giving any kind of rationale for her choice, so I was pleasantly surprised we got as good of an explantation as we did. It wasn't perfect, but it was pretty good by Days standards IMO.

P.S. I have to agree with Matt that probably the best part was Sami happily kissing EJ and not giving a fuck when Rafe was banging on the door. Especially since we got Rafe in the previous scene smugly telling Nick that Sami wouldn't be a problem because he'd take care of it.
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