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Okay, as we all know, I despise E.J., and I will never support a relationship between Sami and E.J., and as far as I'm concerned, everything that she said today was complete and utter bullshit...but I can respect the fact that it's a monumental moment for their fans, and that some of you -- especially those of you who can't watch the episode right now -- will want a transcript of the dialogue, so I'm going to take one for the team.

Starting from the moment that E.J. enters Sami's apartment (for reference, earlier in the episode, Sami called E.J. to say that she needed to talk to him about something, and afterward, E.J. ran into Rafe, who revealed that he and Sami had been planning to reunite after the wedding).

E.J.: "I'm here."

Sami: "Thank you. I mean, you've been so good to me the last couple days. I, uh...."

E.J.: "Is that all?"

Sami: "No. Not hardly. You've been great for a long time now, and that is -- that's why there's something I have to tell you. I guess I should start with last fall...when I told you that I had to stop bouncing back and forth between you and Rafe. Only I didn't stop -- I kept bouncing towards Rafe, and that's the truth. I kept trying with him, even up to New Year's Eve. You took me on this really wonderful, romantic date, and -- and I still ended up kissing him at midnight. And after that, he asked me if we could try again...and I said yes. And he told me that I had to tell you...and I agreed. I -- but I could never do it. And I said it was 'cause I didn't want to hurt you, and I didn't want to get all upset before the wedding...blah, blah, blah. But it just -- I think, now, I was -- I was being selfish. I think there was some smart part of me that was trying to save me. The wedding was a complete disaster, but I saw Rafe. I saw who he really is, and now I think about how I kept trying to make it work with him, and -- and ask why. I mean, was I really that desperate for my family's approval? Was I -- was I that sure he was the good guy, the right choice? I'm sorry. I know this is taking too long, and -- and you don't need to sit here and listen to me talk about Rafe. What I want to say...is there's another reason I didn't tell you...about Rafe. It's because I knew...that if I told you...I would be throwing away you. E.J., I have been such a coward. I have been so afraid...of how you make me feel. But this is right. It feels right. And I think losing you would be the biggest mistake of my whole life. And I deserve it -- I mean, I totally get that I deserve to lose you. But since when has that ever stopped me from asking for what I want? I want you. Am I too late? Do we still have a chance? I'm sorry. I'm sorry -- that wasn't a fair question. You have deserved better from me all along. There has been something between us...from day one. We danced around it, always letting something or someone get in the way, but no matter what we said, no matter what we did, no matter how angry I got...it always comes back to you. There is something in me that just can't stay away from you, and I'm tired of fighting it. You have been patient with me -- more or less -- so now it's my turn. You can tell me off, you can tell me to go to hell, but I'm not giving up. I'm not going anywhere. I am putting you on notice, E.J. -- I'm willing to do what I have to...for as long as it takes...until I get you to come around, because I believe we belong together. [long pause] E.J., you, um -- you have to say something."

E.J.: "As usual, you, um -- you said everything. You may have patience for me, but I'm at the end of my patience with you."

Sami: "And that's totally understandable, so if you'd just give me a chance, if you'd just let me explain --"

E.J.: [invades Sami's personal bubble so that they're touching noses with each other, the way that he always does when he's trying to seduce her, and they kiss and hug each other]

[Rafe starts pounding on the door, yelling that he needs to talk to Sami, but she and E.J. ignore him and continue to kiss.]
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