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It was not the same day. And to LL, Rafe is going to have been willing to sleep with both women, too. It's not like he put a stop to things with Sami. Hope did.
It's happened more than once. Rafe isn't in the middle ofa story about him wanting two women. It's just not at all comparable. I have my own issues with it, but Rafe hooking up with someone in a bar well after breaking things off with Sami is completely different from Sami going back and forth between two men because she can't choose. That one kiss happened with Carrie while he was with Sami, but he didn't go straight from one to the other. He didn't get the chance to. It might have been different if Sami hasn't immediately caught them, but she did. Ultimately though, we've been getting different ' heat' spoilers for Sami for weeks. One week this man, one week the other. That hasn't happened with Rafe.
Here's the difference though, despite the fact that you don't think Sami cares about anyone but herself, because you personally hate the character and the actress, she DOES.

She IS torn about both men and has been for A VERY LONG TIME. It didn't just start 5 minutes ago, it started years ago in the safe house when she was pregnant with Sydney, loved EJ and was developing feelings for Rafe.

I'm not saying that she loves EJ more than Rafe or that her recent fights with Rafe negates her feelings for him, but that doesn't change the fact that she still cares about EJ too.

Rafe is getting ready to have sex with someone that he does not care about/love/whatever/etc., and that TO ME, makes him more of a whore, than Sami will ever be.

A one night stand is definitely more whorish than being torn between two men you have deep feelings for.
Okay, first of all, if this post were in response to anyone else on this board other than me, it would have disappeared. Second of all, just because you can't form opinions independent of your ship, it doesn't mean that I can't. No, I don't like Sami and I don't think AS is worth the price of postage it would cost for me to mail a complaint letter. That has nothing to do with how I feel about the writing of the character. I think the character is being written like a slut. And yes, I have even acknowledged the fact and the irony that she's getting this writing during a time when she's not actually even sleeping with anyone. She's an unsuccessful slut, but a slut nonetheless. I think it's terrible writing and would be terrible writing for anyone. I don't think it compares to Rafe. And I'd love to stop defending him. We have had months (almost a year) of spoilers of Sami floating back and forth between three men. That has not been the case with Rafe. You're comparing things that happened months apart to Rafe to think that happened weeks apart with Sami. Rafe is about on par with every other character in Salem, and yes I think they all move too fast from one relationship to another. Sami has been about four times faster than everyone else this past year. It may be about to slow down and I think that would be really smart because IMO her character has really suffered the last 11 months.
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