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Jan 31 2013, 05:26 PM
Nick, the bad guy, doesn't work for me. This is something that would be in the character of Chad or Gabi to do.

Does Sami know that Lucas covered for Will, or will she be shocked if/when this comes out? (and, of course, if/when this comes out, Sami will end up feeling even closer to EJ. RME)
Yes, Sami knows Lucas covered for Will shooting EJ. I think she found out last May, right before Will came out to his parents.

I personally felt the truth of the cover up was glossed over at the time. Yes yes I realize it was piece of retconned history and technically happened "years ago", and I realize I am an insane Lumi shipper, but I was disappointed that not more came of it. So in that regard I am sort of very glad it is being used as story fodder now, and in some ways forcing Will and Lucas to work together a bit, a father/grown-up-son dynamic I have been SORELY missing.
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