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Will gets an unexpected gift from Sonny on Valentineís Day.
No idea, probably a key. They took a risk involving an interloper like Brian because he seems to have much more chemistry with Sonny than Will does, IMO. I actually like Brian a lot as a character. He seems to know what he wants and I love the actor.

Brady opens up about why he wonít marry Kristen.
I'm sure this has to do with his being a woman killer. He's a black hole to everyone they pair him with, but this SHOULD give Martsolf a chance to do some acting, if he's ever going to do it. So kinda looking forward to this. I would like to see Kristen and Brady trade bad luck stories because it would give them a real chance to bond. I'm not buying Kristen being even remotely in love with Brady.

Eric and Nicole have a disagreement.
Is this what's already playing out? I don't know what else they could disagree about, unless Eric is upset that Nicole is pushing him away. I can't wait to see more of them together though.

Rafe meets a woman at the bar.
I might throw up from this, but I'm intrigued in the same way as watching a train wreck.

Jennifer and Chloe have it out over Daniel.
Does this happen every week? I hope Chloe puts that bitch in her place. Will this ever end? Daniel is not and never will be a prize for these stupid ass women. I don't get it.

Nick reassures Gabi that everything will be all right for their family.
I like what they're doing with Gabi so far in this storyline. She was kinda turning into a villainess but she didn't really have it in her and now they're making her clearly naive again. Nick is doing all of this stuff behind her back and she's clueless, but obviously would not approve. I loved the way she stood up to Sami today too.

Tuesday- Nicole canít bring herself to tell Eric the truth.
Not a clue what this is about, unless its about her having feelings for him.

Thursday-Gabi worries that Sonny will cause problems for her.
I don't see how...
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