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Jan 31 2013, 06:48 PM
Here's my thing with Nick...so far after watching most of the episodes I can't say he's really been all that unfair. Will wanted to be part of the baby's life, make decisions, but not claim parentage in public. That was childish on Will's part, and if Will was willing to hand responsibility for that baby over to Nick, then he can't claim the perks of fatherhood either. Same as when Gabi was about to tell Eric the truth and Will stopped her. In fact, when was Will going to step up? Even after the whole thing came crashing down at the wedding, Will's priority was his boyfriend and NOT his baby. So, while Nick may not be the best guy ever, Will was no innocent victim or babe in the woods. Right now, he is threatening Gabi's right to her baby.
I have to disagree. Nick and Gabi can't have it both ways. They wanted Will to step back and let them raise the child themselves. There were many times when Will was ready to tell the truth, and each time, he only backed down after Nick and/or Gabi turned the manipulation up a notch in order to convince him to do so. They can't now claim that he isn't fit to be in the child's life because he was once willing to do something that he was only willing to do in the first place because they convinced him to do it. Let's not forget that the whole thing was Nick's idea -- the plan to lie about the baby's paternity didn't even cross Will's mind until Nick stuck his nose in where it didn't belong. If it weren't for Nick, Will would have told the truth the day that Gabi decided to keep the baby.

Also, re: the bolded...no, he's not. Sami might be, but Will has done no such thing yet. If Nick actually cared about the child's best interest, he would simply talk to Will about this instead of getting upset about an overheard conversation between Rafe and Gabi that's about Sami. Not a conversation between Rafe and Will. Not a conversation between Sami and Will. Not a conversation between anyone and Will. He's trying to seek revenge on Will for something that Will isn't even doing. Why? Because this isn't about some overheard conversation, and it isn't about Will being unfit to raise his own child because he was once willing to agree to do something that Nick and Gabi wanted and convinced him to do, and it certainly isn't about poor Nick and Gabi being "forced" to go on the defensive. Those are just convenient excuses. Nick has wanted Will out of this child's life from the moment that he learned that Will was the father, and that's what this is about.
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